Advance Open Water Course

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If you are already a certified Open Water diver and want to increase your diving knowledge and skills, dive at new locations and diversify your experience, the Advanced Open Water Course is the way to do it. Choosing the Adventure Dives or Specialties that appeal you the most, you will evolve as a diver based on your specific preferences, needs and desires.

Specialties and Adventure Dives: Some of our Adventure/Specialty dives include Underwater Photography, Night, Wreck, Deep, Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Search and Recovery, Drift, Stress and Rescue and Boat Dives. All these include water training and theory training. The main difference between an Adventure Dive and a Specialty is the amount of dives. While doing an Adventure only takes one dive, a Specialty has 2 or 3 dives and covers practical aspects more deeply than an Adventure Dive

Prerequisites: Be 12 years of age or older, have an Open Water Diver certification and complete the Diver’s Medical Questionnaire.

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