We believe the world changes every day and we feel strongly about taking part in this change. Since we first visited the community of Crawfish Rock in 2014 as part of our first Full Island Tour, we knew there was a lot of change that needed to take place there. Being communicated to French Harbour only by a difficult dirt road, this village is probably the most isolated part of the island making its residents extremely vulnerable to weather conditions, inaccessible medical care and poor housing infrastructure.

That is why it has become our goal to empower the kids of Crawfish Rock in order for them to discover their full potential and become aware of the endless possibilities the island has to offer. We want these kids to one day be the ones conducting tours, showing you the reef and telling you about the marine life. Our intention is to accomplish this through the implementation of different activities in which the kids can learn values like like respect, collaboration, integrity and inclusion, in a fun way.

With the help of many of our guests, we have donated countless amounts of school supplies to the Isidro Sabio Cacho School located in Crawfish Rock. We also started Pitbull Futbol Club which has 2 different teams supported solely on the donation of cleats, shoes, balls and sweatshirts. Lastly, we have invited the kids with the best academic performance to start their Scuba training and join us on our tours so they can understand why customer service is the most useful skill they can learn when working in the tourism industry.

You can also make a difference on your next visit to Roatan. Just ask us how.