If you want to explore the reef with little gear and no training, snorkeling is your best option. Staying at the surface has its rewards like when turtles come up for a breather while getting a wider range of vision than scuba divers. It is also a great first step before feeling comfortable enough to start scuba diving. Whatever you reason is, you can never go wrong with snorkeling in Roatan!

Guided Tours

Accompanied by one of our guides, you will be led throughout the reef and see things the untrained eye would miss. Our guides will brief you about the specific snorkel spot with the use of a map and the Caribbean Reef Life book, identifying routes and possible creatures found during the tour.

The One Spot Guided Snorkel Tour lasts 1 hour and costs $35 per person while the Two Spot Guided Snorkel Tour lasts 3 hours, costs $55 and covers 2 different snorkel spots. We choose each spot carefully according to our guests’ needs and the weather conditions. Full gear is supplied, including fish ID slate and flotation device which the use of is not mandatory, but encouraged.

Cultural Snorkeling Tour

Our Full Island Tour presents a great opportunity to explore the reef, see the island and experience the culture of Roatan. Cruising on our comfortable boat we will check out two amazing snorkeling sites and go off the tourist beaten path to discover some of the untouched sceneries of our beautiful island. Our first stop will be at Blue Channels, where you will be impressed by the colorful corals and the immense variety of creatures the Marine Park conceals. We will continue our way east exploring still mangrove channel waters and untouched vegetation reaching Big Bight where an ancient wreck lays at very shallow depth waiting to be explored by even the least experienced snorkeler.

For lunch we will visit Crawfish Rock which is probably the last village on the island where you can still appreciate the old Caribbean lifestyle and tradition. There, we will be able to interact with the children that are always eager to play and hold hands while escorting us to our lunch place. This is when Miss Dulce Connor invites us into her house for a taste of the typical island cuisine made from scratch by her and her daughters. When siesta time approaches, we will head back West on a smooth, soothing ride.

This trip lasts approx. 5 hours and costs $100. We need a minimum of 6 passengers to conduct this trip so if you are in a smaller group, please contact us to see what dates we have available.

Tag Along

Because most of our dive sites start at very shallow depths, we have this great option for couples or groups where not everybody is scuba diving. Like this, you will have the opportunity to snorkel the reefs around the area where the dive is being held for approx. 1 hour while the rest of the guests dive.

Always with our attentive captain on board and the ladder down so you can go back in whenever you are ready, this option is perfect for flexibility and price. We will provide you with full gear including a bright snorkeling vest and a fish identification slate.